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Photo Tour of Meherabad

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Baba's Samadhi


 Gilori Shah's Tomb

Meherabad Mandali Hall

Baba's Jhopdi

Baba's Table House

Baba's Dhuni

Meher Pilgrim Centre

Pilgrim Hostels

Baba's Samadhi



Meher Baba's Samadhi: This Spiritual Power House of the New Humanity has an amazing history. In April of 1927 Baba, who was 33 at that time was strolling on the Meherabad Hill. He paused and designated a spot where he wanted a large pit to be dug. This was to be his Samadhi or Tomb-Shrine. The construction of the crypt was completed by mid-August 1927. After that, Baba would visit the crypt quite often and would on certain occasions, retire in it.

On December 20th 1927, he entered the crypt for an unbroken stay that lasted until February 26, 1928. Later Baba had expressed the wish that a dome be constructed above it. This dome was built on a circular platform. At the corners of the roof squaring the dome, were placed models of a temple, a mosque, a cross, and a sacred fire urn - the symbols of four of the worlds great religions: Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, and Zorastrianism. Above the door a stone plaque with the words "Mastery in Servitude" was mounted on Baba's instructions.

In 1938 Helen Dahm, a famous Swiss artist and a devotee-lover of Baba, painted murals on the uneven stone surface of the inner walls and the interior of the dome. In 1954, Baba led a large group of his lovers up the Hill to his future tomb-shrine and instructed them to bow down at the threshold. In 1955 Sahwas he allowed his lovers to come inside the samadhi and circumambulate. The north window of the tomb shrine holds a breathtakingly beautiful painting of Meher Baba done by Charlie Morton, an artist from America.

Baba dropped his body on 31st January 1969 and his body was finally interred in the tomb.

The Samadhi is open every day from six in the morning to eight at night. In the morning and evening, prayers given by Baba are recited and those who gather over there sing songs glorifying His divine love. A visit to Samadhi is the beginning of the hearts journey through the manifold phases of life continuously sustained by the Avatar's grace and love.

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