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Photo Tour of Meherabad

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Meher Pilgrim Centre


 Gilori Shah's Tomb

Meherabad Mandali Hall

Baba's Jhopdi

Baba's Table House

Baba's Dhuni

Meher Pilgrim Centre

Pilgrim Hostels

Baba's Samadhi



The serenely beautiful Meher Pilgrim Centre is located near the Dhuni and Gilori Shah's tomb. Architecturally, Meher Pilgrim Centre charms you with its utter simplicity of design, which integrates it beautifully with the spiritual aura of Meherabad.

The dining hall and enclosing corridors have beautiful Lynn Ott paintings depicting scenes from Beloved Baba's life. Ted Judson, an architect and a devotee-lover of Baba, who is now a Meherabad resident with his wife Janet, designed Meher Pilgrim Centre.

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