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Photo Tour of Meherabad

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Baba's Dhuni


 Gilori Shah's Tomb

Meherabad Mandali Hall

Baba's Jhopdi

Baba's Table House

Baba's Dhuni

Meher Pilgrim Centre

Pilgrim Hostels

Baba's Samadhi



Meher Baba's Dhuni (sacred fire) is the physical manifestation of his divine power and love. The Dhuni was first lighted by Baba on the night of 10th November 1925. Baba was in the midst of a discussion with the mandali near the Table-House when villagers from neighboring areas came again and begged Baba for rain through his divine intervention. There were severe drought conditions in the area and it seemed that famine was inevitable. Baba, the ocean of love and compassion said - " God has heard your prayers. Now go straight home." He ordered a pit to be dug for his Dhuni, which was then lighted at eleven in the night on the same day. An hour later heavy rain fell and showers lasted for fifteen hours. Next day Baba asked each one of the mandali to compose a poem on the glory of his Dhuni. Baba liked the one written by Padri, one of his men mandali. To the poem written by Padri, Sailor, another mandali, added a few more lines. Baba then wrote the Dhuni poem himself in Gujrati, with a few stanzas in Hindi. Later in December when Eruch hurt his elbow severely, Baba applied ash from the Dhuni and wrapped it on this elbow with his own handkerchief.

Dhuni was also lighted in Meherazad. Baba was in the last phase of his Manonash work. Baba had the two seclusion hill cabins joined at Meherazad into a single cabin. Pictures of Zarathustra, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus Christ and Hazrat Babajan together with the five models of major religions were placed on a table inside the cabin. For his work Baba would sit alone in his cabin or in the Blue Bus. At 6.45 on the evening of January 4th 1952, Dhuni was lighted in a pit behind this cabin. This was kept burning until seven o'clock the following morning, when it was extinguished. The Dhuni was lit at exactly seven o'clock every evening thereafter until the completion of Manonash work.

On 31st January 1952, Baba came out of his cabin at seven and Dhuni was lit. Eruch read out a prayer dictated by Baba. Prasad was distributed. Pictures of Avatars were returned to those from whom they were borrowed. On instruction of Baba ,Eruch had written down on a piece of paper:" All rites, rituals and ceremonies of all religions of the world are hereby consumed in the flames." Baba tore this paper into pieces and threw them into the flames of Dhuni and watched them burn. After Dhuni fire died, Baba filled its ash in two tins instructing never to use it for any purpose. These two tins are kept with the boxes containing the gifts given by masts to Baba.

Dhuni is now lighted on the 12th of every month at seven in the evening. The Dhuni poem written by Baba is recited. Prayers, aratis and Meher devotional songs are sung. Pilgrims line up to throw a piece of wood into the flames of the Dhuni and bow to it. Mohammad Mast also joins the Dhuni on a wheel chair and pays his obeisance.

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