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Photo Tour of Meherabad

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Meherabad Mandali Hall


 Gilori Shah's Tomb

Meherabad Mandali Hall

Baba's Jhopdi

Baba's Table House

Baba's Dhuni

Meher Pilgrim Centre

Pilgrim Hostels

Baba's Samadhi



Meherabad Mandali quarters and hall was one of the original buildings which Meher Baba and mandali found when they first visited Meherabad. They reached the place treading six miles to the south of Ahmednagar. During World War I some army units were stationed here and this building was used as a mess. It was constructed of clay and contained two big halls, a bathroom and verandahs on both sides.

On 6 May 1923 Meher Baba and men mandali took the cleaning and repairing of this building. Baba himself helped in the work that lasted from morning to evening. The repair work was resumed after Rustom's marriage. Plaster was applied to ruined walls and the roof was repaired. It was then whitewashed and after several days of hard work was ready for occupancy. Baba and mandali occupied it on 22 May 1923. It has the unique distinction of becoming the centre-seat of many sahwas gatherings and Avatar's divine activities.

It retains its original profile even today as seen in the photograph.

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