New Book Release : Shore to Shoreless

Released by Bhau Kalchuri at Baba's Samadhi in June 99

Shore To Shoreless 

A Voyage Across the Ocean of Existence with Meher Baba


Professor J.S. Rathore 

Pages 472 , Price Indian Rupees 200.00 (Indian Rs. 235.00 with Registered Postage ) , US$ 10.00 (International)  Inclusive of Unregistered Postage.

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Book Summary

Five individuals - Mary, Mika, Ram, Rahim, and Professor - tormented by their own personal problems meet accidently. Mary, an English lady, is a physicist; Mika, a Japanese, was a Buddhist monk and now a spiritual pilgrim; Ram, an Indian, is a scholar of Hindu philosophy; Rahim, a muslim, is a biologist from an American university; and, Professor, an Indian, is a university teacher. All of them are in great mental agony, and are seriously in search of the ultimate Reality in order to discover man's real position in the cosmos. They are joined by Merwan who tells them about the existence of two oceans - the Ocean of Nothing and the Ocean of Everything. He assures them that all their problems will be solved once they reach the Ocean of Everything, where alone they can find real joy and happiness. However, in order to reach the Ocean of Everything, they would have to sail across the Ocean of Nothing with Avatar Meher Baba as their companion and guide. 

All of them agree to undertake this voyage across the Ocean of Nothing with Meher Baba as the captain of their ship. Together they traverse the macro and micro realms of the gross universe and the inner subtle and mental worlds to reach the Shoreless - the Supreme Divine Being, in whom they discover lasting happiness and peace.

Shore to Shoreless presents an integrated Cosmic Spiritual-Physical Overview in the light of Avatar Meher Baba's "thought." The book endeavors to integrate the worldview emanating out of the physical and biological sciences with that of the spiritual wisdom as revealed by the Supreme Divine Being, the Ancient One and the Highest of the High, descending as the Avatar or Buddha or Rasool or Christ.

In addition to acknowledgments, preface, bibliography and an index of quotations, the book has twelve chapters, which are : We Launch Ourselves; Not One Universe; Fire Without and Fire Within; Stairway to Big Bang; Chasing the Desire to its Source; Shadows of Shadows; The Hall of Mirrors; Beginning of the Beginning; Sugar Doll's On a Diving Mission; Mary's Magic Mirror; Shores of Shorelss; and, Splashing Joy, Swimming in Eternity. 

Professor J.S.Rathore, the author, an ardent devotee of Avatar Meher Baba, is a former Vice-Chancellor and Professor of Environmental Science. He is the first recipient of the coveted Katju Award for Science, instituted by the Government of Madhya Pradesh, India, from H.E. Giani Zail Singh, the then President of India. Professor Rathore is also a recipient of Commemorative Medal of Honor from the American Biographical Institute. 

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