Baba's Bhajans and Aaratis

This page lists a few Aaratis and Bhajans of Meher Baba in Hindi. In order to listen to this music, you will require the real player software. For a free download of real player, please click here.

Bhajans Sung By Madhusudan Ji and Subhadra Ji

Bujawe Nar Zallant Ni

Baba's Gujarati Aarti Sung By Madhusudan Ji

Divya Sanatan

Hindi Aarati Sung by Madhusudan Ji

Sab Mil Bolo

Bhajan By Madhusudan Ji

Aye Gokul Se Fir Se Sanvariya

Bhajan Sung By Madhusudan Ji

Australian Aarati (English)

Bhajans By Meera Kale

Two melodious numbers from an all new and outstanding digitally recorded Meher Bhajan collection by Mrs. Meera Kale of Jabalpur , India. For more details on the availablity of this volume , send a mail to or visit

Sachidanandam Meherswaroopam

Melodious Bhajan Sung By Meera Kale

Aadi Sachetan, Shanti Niketan

Baba's Aarti sung By Meera Kale

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