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21-23 NOVEMBER 1999

This year the main mela of Hamirpur Meher Prem Mela Trianle will be held at Meherstana (village Mahewa, Dist. Hamirpur) on 21,22 and 23 November 1999. Baba lovers from all parts of India and abroad would be participating. Meherstana Prem Mela is always an unforgettable experience of Meher Love. Meherstana Trust provides free boarding and lodging during the period of mela. The nearest railway station is Kabrai on Jhansi-Manikpur rail route and Kanpur-Mahoba bus route. Meherstana is about 10 km. from Kabrai station and about 4 km. from bus stand. Volunteers with transport facility would remain available at Kabrai. Pilgrims should bring winter bedding and clothes with them. Pilgrims can plan their itinerary enabling them to attend "Prem Sahvas" on 17-19 at Meherpuri, Hamirpur; on 20 at Ingohta ; on 21 forenoon at Maudaha; on 24-27 November at Nauranga. Contact person: Shaligram Sharma, 9/88 Meher Nazar, Meherpuri, Hamirpur 210301 (U.P.); Phone 05282-22217.

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