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Baba, Baba Everywhere


(Ode to Meher Baba)

by Rob Narke


Baba, Baba in my soup.

Baba, Baba on my stoop.

Baba, Baba in my hair.

Baba, Baba everywhere!


Baba, Baba in the sky.

Baba in my piece of pie.

Meher Baba is the man

Sifting through my garbage can!


Baba, Baba, Baba who?

Baba one, and Baba two,

Baba three and Baba four;

Baba more, and more and more.


Meher Baba up a tree;

Meher Baba, just like me.

Baba in the ocean too,

And in an ocean-drop like you.


Baba-baloons high above;

Baba-baloons filled with love.

Baba, flowing in the breeze.

Baba in a real tight squeeze...


Baba why? and Baba how?

Baba then, and Baba now!

Meher Baba on the wall.

Listen! Can you hear His call?


Baba, lighter than a feather.

Baba in all kinds of weather.

Baba, all at once --- forever.

Baba rolling in the heather.


Baba short and Baba tall.

Baba bouncing like a ball;

Bouncing, bouncing down the hill.

Baba on my windowsill!


Baba riding on a fly,

Smiling as He's riding by.

Baba in a blue canoe;

Wave to Baba, "Yoo-hoo! Yoo-hoo!"


Baba, just about to start.

Baba with a great big heart.

Meher Baba all day long,

Baba sings a happy song.


Baba playing with a goat.

Baba in a rainbow coat.

Baba, sailing like a kite,

Seeing everything in sight.


Baba big and Baba small;

Inside, inside, inside all.

Baba up and Baba down,

Baba lost, and Baba found.


Baba, wearing funny hats.

Baba taming tiger cats.

Baba dancing with the stars.

Baba, strumming wild guitars!


Baba coming, Baba going,

Baba laughing, Baba knowing.

Baba riding on a train.

Baba, running in the rain!


Meher Baba in the sun.

Kissing, hugging everyone.

Honey for the bumblebee;

Sweetly loving you and me.


Baba, skipping up the walk.

Baba signing Baba-talk.

Baba tumbling at the fair.

Meher Baba, everywhere!


Can you find him? can you peek?

Baba's hiding... Will you seek?

Baba morning, noon and night,

Beaming love with love's delight.


Baba's mustache! Baba's eyes!

Baba's got a big surprise!

Can you guess what Baba wants?

Can you guess what Baba hunts?


Baba-lovers, quite a few;

Baba-lovers, just like you!

Baba bobbing in the pink bubbles

of your kitchen sink;


Waving, calling with a wink,

"Come on in! What do you think?"

Follow, follow if you dare,

Baba, Baba everywhere...


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