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Rob Narke's Book Project

Rob Narke wrote a poem called Baba , Baba Everywhere which was much appreciated by Bhau Kalchuri. Upon reading the poem , Bhau said : 

" Your poem is really very sweet, and it is a good mantra for everyone. I liked it."

Rob and Jean Narke started on an ambitious and different project of giving Rob's peom to children and asking them to draw a painting on any verse of their choice. They hoped to compile all these paintings in the form of a book full of love for Baba. Rob and Jean worked tirelessly to achieve their goal and they had to pass through many ups and downs for almost two years. But in the end triumph was theirs and with Beloved Baba's blessings, Rob and Jean Narke's sustained efforts produced this most wonderful book called "Baba Baba Everywhere" . This outstanding book has 35 Colourful pages with beautiful paintings from young and old Baba Lovers from all over the world.

Baba, Baba Everywhere wanted to be a Children's Book, a book with lots of colorful pictures of Baba painted by His lovers of all ages from all over the world. It turned out to be much more than that and surpassed all expectations. Many congratulations to Rob and Jean for their outstanding effort.

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