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Announcement: Posted on 14.06.2006


An Opportunity to serve Beloved Avatar Meher Baba at Meherazad

Meher Free Dispensary at Meherazad is a separate but affiliated Trust to AMBBPC Trust, Ahmednagar, established by Avatar Meher Baba.


Meher Free Dispensary (Meherazad) Trust at Meherazad is interested in finding Baba lovers whose dream it is to serve Beloved Baba on a voluntary basis in the following two capacities:

1. A Clinical Laboratory Technologist or Clinical Laboratory Supervisor who is also willing to undertake other responsibilities in the Dispensary and on the estate.

2. Maintenance man or handy man capable of handling mixed tasks and responsibilities on the Trust estate and having basic maintenance skills, such as plumbing, electrical, gardening, household repair, etcetera.

Baba lovers interested should contact Trustee Framroze Mistry, Meher Free Dispensary (Meherazad) at for further details.