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Meher Baba's Missing Book Found



These days Meher Pilgrims coming to Meherabad, Ahmednagar, India, are feeling specially blessed and uniquely privileged to hear dear brother Bhau Kalchuri, Baba's close Mandali, disclosing that the only book which Baba wrote Himself, and that remained un-traceable from 1954 onwards, has suddenly surfaced up and found. This indeed is a great event in the unfoldment and manifestation of Beloved Baba's Divine Plan and the discovery of the Book in 1999 makes the new millennium the millennium of the full blossoming of Avatar's Divine Plan leading to the emergence of a New Humanity.

How THE BOOK was found?

A close women mandali, while going through Mani's cupboard eventually discovered 39 pages in the handwriting of Beloved Baba. Their text was on divine themes. Later, four volumes of a script (not in Beloved Baba's handwriting) running over 300 pages were found along with the scripts (not in Beloved Baba's handwriting) of Baba's discourses to Premashram boys in 1927-28. Bhau Kalchuri, who was given the 10% of Baba's Book by Beloved Baba and which was later published in a book form - "The Nothing and The Everything", finally confirmed that the script discovered is really the Book, though a copy. The script, so discovered, includes the text of the original 39 pages in Baba's handwriting as well.

Glimpses of the Book Noted down From Six Pages

" Natural Light ----------Unnatural Light i.e. The whole universe i.e. The whole maya. ... "

" Sound sleep state the mind is merged in the Spirit (no realization). But if in the awake state the mind is merged in the Spirit then the universe and the body exist but mind does not exist.

We have seen before that when the mind exists the body and the universe exist. That when the universe and the body exist, the mind exists. But here ( when in the awake state the mind is merged in the spirit) the universe and the body exist but the mind does not exist i.e. the mind and spirit unlinked and this is realization."

Showing these pages Bhau commented, "Only God can write all this".

Plan of publication

I. Printing of original 39 pages (in English) as such in immediate future, along with their translations in Hindi and Telegu as separate brochures.

II. Publication of the discourses given to Premashram boys as a separate project.

III. Publication of the entire Book, possibly in two volumes, as and when ready.

Chronology of Baba's "Missing" Book

Beloved Meher Baba commenced writing this book from 13 July 1925, two days after He began His Great Silence, in the `Jhopdi' at lower Meherabad. Those were the days when He spent almost all His time writing this book which would be the Gita, Bible, Koran of the New Humanity. He wrote the book at different sites in the lower and upper Meherabad - the Jhopdi, the Big Table Cabin, Hazrat Babajan School premise, Sai Darbar and upper Meherabad water tank. The Book was finally concluded and completed sometime in 1927 at Sai Darbar.

Till 1937, the Book remained in Baba's direct custody. He would keep the script locked up in a box and would keep the key either on His body or at a safe place. In 1931, on His very first visit to West, Baba carried the box of the Book with Him on board S.S.Rajputana, where eventually it was shown to Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhi had expressed his desire to translate the Book in Gujarati but that, however, did not materialize. From 1937 to 1954, the Book was kept in different bank lockers. It appears that from 1954 to 1966 the Book remained in the custody of A.K.Abdulla (Ramjoo). Prior to his death, Mani, Beloved Baba's sister and a close Mandali, requested Ramjoo to hand over the box containing the `diaries' to her and for this Ramjoo agreed. Since at that time Ramjoo was living in Satara, Adi Sr. was sent there and collected the box for Mani. Baba directed Mani to keep the box in the grain storage room and this was done. From that time onwards the memory about the whereabouts of the Book was lost as it was destined to be discovered in 1998-1999 and to make its global appearance in the new millennium.


Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai

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