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Amartithi 1999 Pilgrim Information

30th Amartithi of Beloved Meher Baba on Sunday the 31st of January 1999.

Two days programme from 30th January noon to 1st February '99. Main Programme on 31st January '99.

Staying facilities would be available at Meherabad from 30th January 12 noon to 1st February 12 noon.

Snacks and food stalls will remain open upto 1st February 1999 noon . Amartithi Food Management will run a separate stall at lower Meherabad & which will remain open till the night of 31st January 1999.Other stalls will remain open on 1st.

Male and female pilgrims would stay separately as always in compliance to Beloved Baba's instructions given during the 1958 sahvas.

Pligrims should bring their own beddings, woolen clothes and torch light . Mattresses are also available on hire and can be reserved by contacting Mrs Usha Shete at the following address :

C/o Premraj Sharada College

Savedi road, Ahmednagar - 414001

MS , India

Advance reservation for staying is necessary . For this, a donation of Rs. 15=00 ( Indian rupees) per person can be remitted to :

Amartithi Donations

Avatar Meher Baba Trust

PB 31, Kings Road , Ahmednagar,MS

Payments can be made through bank draft or money order giving details of male and female pilgrims, their age and number of children above 7 years of age. Bank draft should specify 'Amartithi Donation'. Last date for such donations is 7th January 1999. The donation of Rs 15=00 does not include food.

Pilgrims desiring to cook their own meals would be lodged at Meherabad New Site, which is quite proximate to Beloved's Samadhi. Such groups should write to: Mr. Jal Dastur, Care A.M.B.P.C. Trust, P.B. 31, King's road, Ahmednagar, by 31 December 1998.

Special motor buses will ply from the Railway Station, Ahmednagar Tarakpur area and S.T.Bus stand to Meherabad from 30th January to 1st of February 1999.


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